Our Story

Elephant in you is inspired by the life style of an elephant who contributes as much she consumes with out generating any additional waste. We are trying to build a similar lifestyle that minimizes waste, not harm the eco systems, contribute to people as well as planet. We are not just dreaming, we have burnt all the bridges to be here, living the said lifestyle and building it.


In this journey to mimic the lifestyle of an elephant, we had to unlearn everything we know about the basics of human life like food, clothing and shelter and relearn everything from scratch. These are the major sources of consumption and waste generation in the human life and redefining them in our own life is something we are working on and we continue to work. All we want to do is reduce our impact on the planet, for our own good as well as for the planet and the communities. Almost forgot to mention, this is all happening at our farm near Warangal in Telangana. 


While we embark on this journey, we would love to share the fruits of our work here in this space, be it organic food, Natural dyed clothing, or our experiences building 0% cement studio space. We would love everybody to be a part of it virtually at the least:) Cheers!