A thoughtful wardrobe



A capsule wardrobe that actually protects you from sun.


This is for people looking to for minimal clothing that is multifunctional as well as good on the skin and environment. As the fabric is un-dyed and unbleached and chemical free processed the UPF rating is more than the conventional bleached cotton, it is still less than the polyester clothing. However the breathable nature of the fabric keeps you cool in hot summer weather. Clothing is like a white canvas and you can be create your own style statement! #beyourownstylist.


  • Natural Fabric

  • Slow Made

  • Circular Process

Our Process

  • Our Fabrics

    They are completely natural and sourced ethically from textile makers that are working directly with farmers and weavers. So the process is controlled from growing the cotton to finishing the fabrics. They are sensitive on the skin and sensitive towards the environment. #biodegradablefabrics #notpolynotcomplex #monofibre

  • Our Designs

    We aim to be minimalists and we aim to showcase that in our designs. However, it doesn’t have to be boring. It can be. beautiful too. we are offering custom made designs and can’t be more happier that our customers can choose from their own style and make their own style statement.

    #minimaliststyle #slowfashion #thoughtfuldesgins

  • Our Production

    Production is small scale and responsible. The worker conditions are monitored and make sure they are paid a fair wage. Wastage in the production is also minimized by reusing the waste fabric into something useful (This is in future).

    #ethicalproduction #smallanddecentralized

  • Our Pricing

    Most of the unfair pricing comes from the supply chain that is as opaque as a wall. We want to be transparent with the costs that occur to us and put everything upfront on the website. When we put everything in front of you, you decide :)

    #radicaltransparency #supplychain