Radical Transparency

Elephant in you believes in providing transparent information about the entire journey of the product from farm to your home.

I Flow everywhere dress

With its comfortable fit and breathable fabric, this dress gets softer with each wash and hence becomes your favorite piece in the wardrobe. Between you and me “it has zero negative impact on people and planet”

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Work From Home - Polo

Our depiction of this WFH edition for men shows the joyful side of being at home in PJ's and getting ready for video calls in a jiffy. Also, taking a good reading break while having your afternoon cup of tea..

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Clothes are not going to change the world, the people who wear them will

- Annie Klien

  • People

    From Farm to Closet, there are lot of people who involve in making our product! Of them the ones that most get affected when working are not good are Farmers, Weavers, Dyers, tailors. At the end, if the product is not good, the consumer gets affected. Through our clothing line, we hope to minimize/eliminate the negative impact on all the people involved in making a clothing product

  • Planet

    When it’s harming the earth, it will eventually harm us is what we believe. Our planet due to excessive consumption and excessive waste, is suffering quite a lot. We all should have realized with growing temperatures all year round and all around the world. Hence we have come up with the product, that is chemical free and earth friendly.

  • Process

    Most of the big profit making companies, cut down the cost of working men and women and pay all the profits to big marketing agencies to get more profits. Anyways our point is to not to be like them and provide fair wage to everyone involving in the company.